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    Hello everyone, I hope this message finds you well. I am currently seeking some staff members for my new shard entitled "UO REBORN" I'm currently working on a full length game play trailer and various other forms of media based advertisements.

    Before we jump into what I'm looking for here is a list of the current server features, please note that we are pre-beta and still in the early stages of development so this list will like change and have many additions/revisions.

    Server Features List:

    • Felucca ONLY
    • 225 Stat Cap
    • 700 Skill Cap
    • 2 Accounts per IP Address
    • Town Invasions
    • Active Factions
    • Faction Item Reward System
    • Custom Faction Artifacts (PvP)
    • Custom Champion Artifacts (PvM)
    • Color Coded Item Names based on attributes & Rarity
      • Common, Uncommon, Unique, Rare, Legendary.
    • High Sea's style galleons
      • Ship-to-ship cannon fire.
      • Mouse based steering & Vessel piloting.
      • Galleon security system (allow guild members, friends or party members onboard your vessel)
      • Weight/Storage affected variable sailing speed.
      • Boat painting
    • Player Versus Player Battleground System
      • Displays: Deaths, Season Rank, Overall Ranking, PvP Points
      • Battles Attended, Battles Lost, Points Gained, Points Lost, Kills, Deaths, Resurrections
      • Damage Taken, Damage Done, Healing Taken, Healing Done.
    • Item Transmogrification System
      • Alter the appearance of items to create your own unique style.. For a price.
    Roles I'm Looking to fill...
    Seer (x1)
    Someone friendly, fun and an Ultima Online FANATIC would be ideal for this position.

    Game Master (x3)

    Someone customer service orientated with a strong problem solving background.

    If you're interested in joining the UOReborn team please reach out to me either on our forums or by sending me a private message here. Thanks!
  2. Demon

    Demon PlayUO Prospect

    Added Pre-Beta cinematic trailer...
  3. Demon

    Demon PlayUO Prospect

    Bump, still looking for staff members.. Please reach out if you require more information or have any interest in becoming involved.

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