UO Revealed: Renaissance Era with Enhanced Client Support

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    After months and months of work, we're ready to launch! We had a vision to create an old-school Ultima Online server that supported the Enhanced Client. Something that felt new and modern, but worked like it did in UO's glory-years.

    We think we have something to offer :)

    Yes, full-on, total Enhanced Client support. No missing paperdolls, working spellbooks, working macros. We spent a lot of time getting this right, as I'm sure many people know of the lack of support for the Enhanced Client. A common criticism is its art-style. However, after a week of using the Enhanced Client, I honestly can't go back. The movement is smooth, the macros are visual. It's just... so good! Well worth a try!

    Something we're really passionate about is the classic Ultima series. There's so much good stuff in there, and honestly, Ultima Online wouldn't be around were it not for the Ultima series. So we went back and studied it and realised we needed to complete the virtue system. Honesty, Humility and Spirituality have been implemented. On top of all this, we added 8 virtue champions (based on The Companions of the Avatar from the original Ultima series) accessible only when you complete each respective virtue. Once all the champions are defeated and their skulls turned in - you will fight The Avatar.

    If you've ever played Archeage, you know what this system is. Basically, each town in Britannia has a specialised resource, and you craft a tradepack from that town near the bank. You then have to run or boat the tradepack to another town without recalling or using moongates. You will glow bright gold when holding a tradepack. Pirates can turn in stolen tradepacks, and thieves can pick the locks of tradepacks to get back half the resources used to construct it. If you are successful in delivering your tradepack to your chosen town, you will receive a pricey gold reward. The rewards fluctuate to follow supply and demand. It's a truly dynamic system.

    Renaissance(ish) era
    High Seas Galleons and Boats
    Enhanced AND Classic Client Support
    700 Skill cap
    225 Stat cap
    Dice-roll damage
    Felucca Only
    Custom Housing

    Come and check us out. Closed Beta will begin in a couple of days. If you are not signed up before closed beta, you will have to wait until Launch Day which will be a couple of weeks from now. So sign up now to get a head start before launch!

    Hope to see you there!


    or if you'd like to hop in immediately
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    that's some glorious voice over and video editing. how much you pay for that?
  3. Moody

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    Honestly? $5.

    Fiverr.com is a great site :)

    We did the editing ourselves, though!

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