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Discussion in 'JustUO Bug Reports' started by HawkEye, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. HawkEye

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    well as I was looking why gold was just disappearing in ec after dropping it on a vendor to train. I realized I better check 2d as well.. so I logged into 2d and dropped 1k on the vendor to train my healing he asked for 430 gold and it took the hole 1k and trained my skill.

    so I decided to dig though the code and this what I have found.

                    if (Teach(m_Teaching, from, dropped.Amount, true))
                        return true;
    code will delete the hole pile no matter what not just the amount needed to train.

    same goes for food being dropped on the npc if its a tamed pet no check at all for this.

    I'm working on it trying to figure a way for the gold to be checked and only take the amount needed but its not tied together at all.
  2. zerodowned

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    dropped.Amount is PointsToLearn

    you could do

    if( dropped.amount > pointstolearn)
    //give gold back of remainder

    as for calculating points to earn...it's somewhere in basecreature as well

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