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Discussion in 'PlayUO Site Discussion' started by Dian, Oct 6, 2014.

  1. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    If anyone out there is in the market for website hosting for their shard website or otherwise, I would like for you to consider looking into Linksky Web Hosting. I have used this company for some 12 years, and have always received the absolute best performance and costumer service is like calling a family member!

    I can offer a referral for any new customer that signs up that will add 3 free months of hosting service to your new account. So check them out today!

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  2. Ryandor

    Ryandor Administrator Staff Member

    I will second Dian's thoughts on Linksky. I've been with them for many years. The few issues I've had have been dealt with swiftly with excellent communications. Even for general assistance, they have been extremely helpful and patient. If you are considering a new webhost, consider them, and make sure you get the referral from Dian as you will help him out as well as yourself. (Yes, I can get you the referral too, but PlayUO deserves it more at this point.)
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  3. LFFPicard

    LFFPicard Renowned Member Gold Star Member

    I have used Dreamhost for years there have generally been good but I am always on the look out for better and faster hosting.
    Does Linksky come with cpanel? Thats the one thing I do miss as Dreamhost use their own dashboard but I have used cpanel for some 15years so know it inside out.
  4. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Indeed :) And a good selection of built in web site systems that can be installed from the cPanel. They also have their own domain center for buying and managing domains, and a lot more!

    The Standard package starts as low as $3.95 a month, to the Ultra Unlimited at 8.95 if paid annually. It is just a couple dollars more if using a month to month plan.

    *You do not need to necessarily contact me for a referral either. Use the domain name as the referral account I believe. I generally setup account over the phone, and is all they needed from me was the domain name of the account being refereed from.

    They also have a reseller program, for what its worth.
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  5. Dian

    Dian Administrator

  6. Vorspire

    Vorspire Illustrious Member JustUO Developer

    For the sake of diversity of choice and not to oppose previous mentions of hosts in this thread, I'd like to talk about my provider, because I rarely get the opportunity :D

    I've used AlwaysWebHosting for my sites for around 10 years now, I found them when they first launched via an advert on Web Hosting Talk, where they were giving out 98% off your first year coupons (it only cost $8.95 for a full year)
    After that, I never looked back, the company is professional and managed by like-minded people who have absolutely no hesitation when it comes to chatting with clients;
    During the second year, an issue with their billing system was preventing me from paying, they didn't have PayPal support at the time, so it was all done by an in-house system; anyway by the end of it, they basically said I didn't have to pay for the free year and that they wouldn't restrict my account because of it - I could have paid by other means, but they acknowledged that it would be extremely difficult for me to do so, so they were willing to wait until I could set up a PayPal subscription, which I did not long after.
    The package I have with them now was considered their best package at the time, but they have personally tweaked my account limits per request over the years and never charged a single fee for it! I have the same package, with tweaks, that bring it up to par with their medium-range plans now and I'm still paying bronze plan rates and they even reduced my monthly fee by a couple bucks because I was a loyal customer.
    The service has been, for the most part, consistently stable over the years; there has only been two instances where I have had a set-back and lost data, but I should have backed things up!
    There has also been a point where I had accidentally breached their ToS, I got an email from the owner explaining what was wrong and asking if I could correct the matter (it was to do with CGI processing using too much CPU) - no threats to lock my account or take further action, just a simple, 'could you please fix this', which I was happy to oblige.

    I recommend AWH to anyone who doesn't want the hassle of working with big named brands, or waiting 72 hours for a support ticket reply - these guys always seem to answer within 8 hours and are always happy to help their customers, no matter the situation or request.
    Before AWH, I was jumping from host to host, trying to find an affordable and reliable solution.

    Unfortunately, I can not provide a referral, I am not even sure if they do referrals :p
  7. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Thats good stuff, lol. cant beat free service :) Sounds like a decent company too

    I like LinkSky because they treat you like family over the phone. Service is instant, besides the time it takes for a domain to register and link. In the 12+ years, I can not think of one time I have had a page unavailable, or slow loading anything. I dont mind the 8.95 /mo for un metered bandwidth and space :)
  8. Chernabog

    Chernabog PlayUO Prospect

    Hi Dian and thank you for an awesome site. Would LinkSky be the option of choise for hosting a shard? Or what do you recommend when it comes to shard hosting?

    Thank you!
  9. zerodowned

    zerodowned Administrator Moderator JustUO Developer Gold Star Member Et Cetera, Et Cetera

    i believe it would only support website hosting
  10. Chernabog

    Chernabog PlayUO Prospect

    Thanks so much for the reply Zerodowned. Do you know of any good server hosting platforms? It seems, outside of the few free - well known - shards, development talk and people passionate about developing and modifying these creations are becoming harder to find.

    Any help is sincerely appreciated!


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