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Discussion in 'Buildings and Addon Releases' started by Talshani, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Talshani

    Talshani Administrator Staff Member World Builder

    My husband (Dian) and I have worked on our shard since 2002 when POL was all we had to work with. Times have changed and things have gotten much easier. I built 90% of our shard over those years until I had no imagination left. Now with the new building materials and the help of a friend (Milva) I finally have inspiration again. For those who are senior builders or new builders we welcome you. Here you may ask questions about building, get ideas, work out problems, to even showing pictures of your buildings, or put up add-ons for others to use. Please remember who you get add-ons from and give them credit on your website or forums. Building a world like we have done takes many hours so we plan to have a section where you may sale your add-ons or buildings to others. Again welcome and I hope you will enjoy your stay with us!
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  2. Talshani

    Talshani Administrator Staff Member World Builder

    If you are a world builder or decorator please post here. That way if someone needs help they know who to ask. Thanks. :)

    I am a world builder and decorator.
  3. m309

    m309 Moderator Moderator

    Ask away. Builder, decorator, file editor.
  4. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Hi, Im Dian.. and I am a World Builder.. Im uhh.. on my third step now, of the 12 step program..
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  5. Talshani

    Talshani Administrator Staff Member World Builder

    Yea 12 step program of me teaching you HOW to decorate! :Cautious:

    Dian is also a map maker. So those making maps can ask him questions about that :)
  6. Hackiem

    Hackiem Distinguished Member

    I triped over a post that said what files needed to be deleted to stop all the Old file "Junk" from appearing in my new maps. BUT I can not find that post again. tried for 2 days. Can you help?
  7. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Hackiem I think you are referring to the MapDif areas. You need to open Scripts/Misc/MapDefinitions.cs and set the TileMatrixPatch false;

    TileMatrixPatch.Enabled = false;

    Depending on what client you are using.. try that first :)
  8. Hackiem

    Hackiem Distinguished Member

    Thanks I will. After the 1st of march I would be willing to pay for someone to load all the specials into JustUO like custom woods/ores/ingots/like that and get the pet taming/training thing working. I would be using the Standard maps at first.
  9. SimonOmega

    SimonOmega Distinguished Member

    Messed with emulators since POL and Sphere. Back when everyone had a Ren CD. I don't know everything. But what I do learn, I learn properly. I'm willing to share what I know.
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  10. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Talshani and I also started with POL 92.. ended with POL 94, and continued building on the POL shard when RunUO came out, while it was still in its early beta stages. I think we finally transitioned to 100% RunUO sometime around beta 12 stage.. But, was active with RunUO since before the first beta release :)

    We actually still use the Dot Command prefix to this day, lol as well as a few other commands we converted over to RunUO from POL
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  11. SimonOmega

    SimonOmega Distinguished Member

    I always liked . more. Not sure why... It's just a character... I guess it just felt more Unix like.
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  12. alrick

    alrick PlayUO Prospect

    Built my own small shard (15 online peak lol) with custom map using Sphere 51a back in 2002.
    Also, POL was such a blast for me after my Sphere 51a experience. Thumbs up for POL!
    Played some map building when CenterED came out.
    Never actually did anything on RunUO.
  13. GM_Serenity

    GM_Serenity Renowned Member

    Like to think of myself as a world builder :) and defiantly a decorator! and I dabble in the XML some as well.. still learning, but pretty self sufficient.
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  14. Chernabog

    Chernabog PlayUO Prospect

    I am so happy to have found this site and see that it is active, compared to so many that have fallen to the wayside. A small group of us, die hard, Ultima players are working to create a shard as well and I am trying to find C# scripters, 2D graphic creators and those with world building and decorating skills - as we'd like to add onto the existing map, if not make our own creation. In short, we are trying to find a team of passionate, skilled and talented individuals to help us make our ideas of what Ultima Online should be a reality and I am so thankful to have found you all here and thank you in advance for any assistance!
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