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    JustUO is the newest in a line of Ultima Online emulators. It is based on the latest release of ServUO and RunUO. Development has been pretty static for the two emulators, so here at we are going to try to push the development of these wonderful emulators. While we respect the past development, we will be changing and/or removing some systems that were well intentioned but never completed. In addition, we will seek to improve both the functionality and the ease of use from these prior emulators.

    To begin with, we have created a setup executable to get your server up and running quickly (more details on this in a later post). In addition, we have enhanced the createworld command to quickly spawn your server with xmlspawners similar in layout to an OSI shard. This will also allow us to perfect the spawns over time by releasing updates to the xml files that hold the spawns.

    We have also created the repo with Vorspire's VitaNex Core and Praxiiz's UO Compendium. These two custom systems extend the functional capabilities of the server and we hope to demonstrate and incorporate these functions in the future.

    Support for MapUO has been added.

    Lastly, we are going to strive from the very beginning to provide tutorials and documentation for all updates to the repo. This means any major updates (not bug fixes) will be tested and documented prior to their release. We will have a test server that anyone can log into and test the major updates. This will result in slower updates but you can rest assured that they will not be added in an incomplete state. Bug fixes will be published as quick as possible to solve any issues and will not be delayed by the above process.

    The repo can be accessed on the JustUO Github website:

    There is also a link at the top of the forums.

    We will be posting a tutorial on downloading the latest version and on running the setup shortly.
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