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XML Spawn Editor source code to the program

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    XML Spawn Editor -Source Code - XML Spawn Editor source code to the program

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    *The Download Button (top right) is for the original Spawn Editor.
    The File below is for the newer Spawn Editor2 program. Same programs, however the original is more simple, where the newer one has much more features added to it. The original though, may be more likely to do anything with.

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  2. Dian

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    I have been thinking that maybe most of you are not really aware of what this really is. So I have put together a couple images of the program in its working order to give a better idea of just how valuable this program really is.
    This program needs some updating to the source code (Available above) to get back into compile order, as well as a few minor changes to work correctly with today's emulator. SO...

    I am willing to discuss with anyone able, compensation for the time and efforts to fix this programs source code. At the very least, fixed to compile correctly under the 4.5 Framework, and possibly a couple other minor tweaks.

    Furthermore, to the rest of the PlayUO members, I am also considering (should no one take me up on this here) attempting to source out a programmer that would be willing to fix this program as a paid job, if it comes to this. Which brings me to ask the PlayUO members to consider a donation towards the cause. I have no idea what this kind of task would cost, and for that matter, if anyone has any ideas where to source out this kind of direction, please let me know.

    This program means A LOT to me to get back to its full working state again, not to mention anyone here with a shard in need of serious spawning needing done. If you do not enjoy spawning in game by hand, THIS is something you need!

    I will keep you all posted on any progress. There is a couple people out there at the moment that have mentioned looking at it at some point but I have been waiting.. well, years to be honest.
    Anyways, here's a look at just what this thing is like, with it working..


    This is its full overview of a chosen map, with a full world spawn file loaded in, and ready to edit, add, remove XML Spawners.


    Clicking the Details tab will open a side view of a wide array of options for creating XML Spawners within the chosen area. The options are unlimited to what you create.


    Once you are finished, you can either send one or all the spawners within the program into the game directly (when working correctly) or save the spawners created to an XML file, which you would then transfer to your shards Spawns folder, to import in game via command [XmlSpawnerLoad command, as any other spawn file would be loaded.

    So.. Help me get this program fixed! :)

    Thank you!
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  3. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    I uploaded the wrong source.. it was an older program version. Updating the source to the last version made, reflecting the one shown in the images above..
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  4. Dian

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  5. Lokai

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    Dian, I don't think the files you uploaded in the Update are the ones that generated the pictures above. I made some progress converting this to .Net 4.0, but the program lacked most of the options in the pictures. On the right for example it shows the fields for each Spawn record, but the code you provided only has about 6 fields, not the 15-20 that are shown above. Is there any chance you have the code from the program as shown in the pictures?
  6. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Your right. I realized that a week or so ago, and didnt have time to fix the download package. Yes, I do have the source to the one in the images shown. The one you mentioned is the original editor, before ArteGordon had expanded on it. However, that one actually compiles and might be more likely to update than the newer one.

    I will fix the download. Actually, I will add the other one as well, leaving both versions there.
    I have had quite a few people work on this, with similar results.. really, it being a lost cause. Would be interested to hear you have better luck.

    All I do ask (or request really), is to have a copy back, should you or anyone else actually get it working again.
    Will post again when I get it updated.
  7. Lokai

    Lokai Illustrious Member

    I can duplicate the interface without too much stress, and I added the fields as they are saved in the XML files, and made appropriate entries in the code for them. The real problem is that other than things like Pandora and UOFiddler, I have no way of reproducing the map that Arte used with UOMap.ocx. It may have worked with .Net 1.1 and with the old Ultima files, but it will not display the map correctly in .Net 4.0, which is why I need newer source code. I am hoping there is a newer UOMap.ocx to go with it. Otherwise, I will probably end up merging the XML Spawn Editor into UOFiddler, which I considered before, but I was hoping I wouldn't have to do that.
  8. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Added to first post. The attached file is the Spawn Editor2 source, that is shown in the images above. I wouldnt get your hopes up too much though.

    Please.. let me know if you make anything out of it?
  9. Lokai

    Lokai Illustrious Member

    OK, will do.

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